Premium High-Pressure gauge hose kit | $6.99
This kit includes a full 10 feet of 1/8" high temperature nylon hose - twice as long as most kits avaialable. Required for hard to reach remote gauge locations. Black hose blends well under the hood - unlike white hoses that stand out like a sore thumb! Includes plastic T, rubber hose connector, 4 black tie-wraps, 1/4" Firewall/bulkhead grommet, and 1/8" NPT Female brass compression fitting for connection to most pressure gauges.

Empty Gauge Hole Covers | $3.99
Gauge Size:

Screw Covers | Pkg of 3 - color matched | 1.00 | Specify Make/Model/Color in "Special Instructions" at checkout
Note: Lo-Tek pillars include screw covers. These are for lost or damaged REPLACEMENT only.