Diamond Plate Aluminum Oven Cover


This aluminum cover with thermo-insulated knob fits over the oven during the plastic heating step. Reduces heating time up to 10x and also allows the use of thicker material - up to 30mil!  For a limited time, we are including a sample of our white and clear PVC sheets (4). Note: Knob style may vary.


VAC-U-FORM Oven cover | $7.00



Stainless Steel Vacuum Platform


If you bought your VAC-U-FORM machine used, you're probably missing this vital component. The original plastic vacuum platform was easily separated from the machine; consequently, they were easily lost or broken. This replacement platform is made of 18 gauge 304 Stainless Steel.


SS Vacuum Platform | $7.00



Vacuum Pump Upgrade/Repair Kit

If you can push the vacuum handle down while covering the vacuum hole with your finger, or you notice a puff of air coming from the vacuum hole on the up-stroke of the vacuum pump, you need this kit.

Poor vacuum performance in these 40+ year old machines can be caused by three things: A failing flapper valve, a dry and dirty cylinder bore, or a leak in the seal between the cylinder bore and the upper platform.  This kit addresses all three problems and will restore your VAC-U-FORM machine to better than new performance.  This kit will improve the vacuum performance up to 3" Hg on a normally operating machine.

Requires drilling the existing vacuum hole to accomodate an oversized medical grade silicone valve (High-speed drill bit included). Includes one-time-use silicone sealant, Ultra-seal cylinder lubricant, and instructions. 


Vacuum Pump Repair/Upgrade | $12.00



Heavy Duty Rubber Feet


Those thin, hard rubber feet (if they are still there) may be OK for making toys; however, if you are using your machine for hobby and other heavy-duty applications, you're probably marking and scratching your table surface. These heavy-duty replacement feet provide additional grip and surface protection from the movements caused by vigorous pumping action.


VAC-U-FORM Heavy Duty Feet | $7.00


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