Durable and Economical 10mil PVC

  • Precision cut for use in the Mattel VAC-U-FORM machine.
  • Sheets have one glossy side and one matte finish side - you choose the best finish for your application.  Note: Clear is glossy on both sides. 
  • Superior to the styrene sheets that originally came with the machine. PVC has higher impact resistance and also accepts paint/dye much better than either ABS or Styrene.
  • These sheets do NOT require the drilled holes on the perimeter.  Just pre-heat your VAC-U-FORM before inserting the sheet (note: pre-heating times can be reduced significantly by using our metal oven cover). The hot barbs on the shuttle frame bite into the plastic. 

50 graphics-quality PVC 10mil sheets | $8.00

100 graphics-quality PVC 10mil sheets | $15.00



Extra Thick 30mil PVC

  • These 30mil sheets are as thick as a credit card, but form extremely tight when using our shuttle clamp, oven cover, and vacuum upgrade but you can use these on a good working stock machine with some additional heating time and vigorous vacuum pumping.  Great for forming parts that require extra rigidity.
25 graphics-quality PVC 30mil sheets | $8.00
50 graphics-quality PVC 30mil sheets | $15.00



PDF template of vaccuum holes


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